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Membership & Contact Form

To become a member of EAPSP you will first need to become a member of the IAPSP. This can be done online through the IAPSP website (www.iapsp.org ).  

Once that membership is confirmed simply send an email to us or complete the form with your request to join EAPSP.  

There is no charge to join EAPSP; your only cost will be the yearly IAPSP membership, paid directly to that organization.  

If you have published books, written articles, or presented papers you are welcome to have these listed, linked or loaded (as pdf) in the Publications section. Please send the details to: publications@eapsp.org.au

If you are offering events, training, reading groups, etc which you would like to promote, please send the following information to: events@eapsp.org.au for listing.
A. Event Title
B. Type of event (e.g., conference, workshop, study group...)
C. Date(s) and Time(s) of event
D. Location (address, city/suburb, state/territory, country)
E. Purpose or Intent of event

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