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EAPSP was officially incorporated in 2010. Formation of this association was spearheaded by Dr Ron Lee, to further the affiliation and continuing professional education of self-psychologically oriented therapists in Australia. It was also in response to the growth of interest in Self Psychology since the first Empathink Workshop in 1999 and then the first Summer School in 2004.  The Empathink Summer Schools, founded and hosted by Dr Ron Lee, provided a generous sharing of knowledge of, and experience in, the postulates of Self Psychology. It provided a platform for the presenting of clinical cases and fostered a culture of collegiate support, trust and learning; a culture which continues to characterise the annual EAPSP conference experience.

This approach was unique to the Australian psychological landscape and the high degree of clinical relevance it offered appeals to increasing numbers of clinicians.

EAPSP holds a yearly conference in March and invites international speakers to keynote the gathering.  

Past invited speakers have included :

Dr. Marion Tolpin (2008),

Dr. Neville Symington (2009),

Professor Sid Bloch (2010),

Dr. James Fosshage (2011),

Dr.Jo Beatson (2012),

Dr. Shelley Doctors(2013),

Dr George Atwood (2014) (speaking from New York) with Dr Ron Lee from Melbourne,

Robert D Stolorow (2015) (speaking from California), Dr Edwin Harari  and Prof Sidney Bloch from Melbourne (2016) 

Dr David Terman (2017) from Chicago,

Dr Ilene Philipson (2018),

Dr George Halasz and Dr Jackie Amos (2019)

George Hagman, speaking from New York (2021).

An online event is planned for April 2023.



EAPSP is administered by an elected board


Dr Enzo Tieppo


Committee members:

Mary-Anne Godfrey (Vice President)

Sunny Hong

Angie Rountree

Dr Josh White

Privacy policy

Privacy policy details - to be determined  

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